Your biggest obstacle in your coaching or consulting business isn’t your competition.

It’s your anonymity.

Get major media coverage, increase your visibility and dramatically raise your profile in just 8 weeks. It’s time to Profit From Publicity.


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What Clients Say

“Meredith – Having crossed paths with a professional and teacher like you is to proof positive once again of the grace in my life and in my business. What great fruit our brief association has born! In a short period of time, you shared with great generosity such succinct, productive, and accessible information about PR – all of which I was able to put to quick and ready use…the earliest seeds of which are already bearing fruit. And I love the press kit I was able to put together for my web site – most impressive –a la Meredith. Couldn’t have done it without you.

But what impressed me most was not the intelligence of your presentation or how spot on you information was. What impressed me most about you Meredith is your great generosity of spirit. Thank you, thank you.”

– Donna Hoffman
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