Who is Meredith Liepelt, anyway?

Meredith-headshot-thumbThanks for asking!

Depending on who you ask, I’m a consultant, mentor, coach, writer, speaker and/or the go-to person for everything branding and marketing for thought leaders and experts. If I can’t help you myself, I probably know who can. My goal? Help you tap into your authenticity – the real you – and actively use it to stand out as someone worthy of being recognized, respected and rewarded for your expertise.

In other words, I help you to be your biggest self.

“I help talented and committed thought leaders to build their reputation and marketing skills to reach their definition of success.”

– Meredith

My Background

The early years:

Growing up in a family where nearly every other person was musical or a performer of some form, I didn’t stand a chance of not catching the bug. I grew up singing, playing the piano, dancing, competitively figure skating, performing in the theatre and so forth. I learned a lot about performing and entertaining. I also learned a lot about self motivation, rejection and pushing through barriers.

In essence, I learned how to take the stage.

I had brushes with greatness. A great role here and there. Directing, choreography, awards, solos, first place ribbons and medals.

Let’s be clear: I was not heading for the Olympics or Broadway. But I knew down deep that I wanted something bigger. Can you relate? I wanted something I couldn’t even express then but that was very real in some way.

I had a dream I couldn’t express or put my arms around.

Turning pro:

After I graduated from college, I moved to Washington, DC and landed a respectable job. After several years, I ended up in line for departmental VP position at a great company but it just didn’t feel right. I knew I was meant for something different. Something bigger somehow.

Out on my own:

Eventually, I left corporate America and started consulting. Then I had my first child and accidentally started a baby products business. (I’ll tell you that whole story some other time!) I found that I could market it like crazy and I even had celebrities ordering products. But I hated, and I mean hated the manufacturing side, but I loved the creative part of the business. So it wasn’t an exact fit for me. It felt like a huge struggle even though by many accounts, it was great. It was like wearing your best friend’s designer coat. It’s beautiful, but it doesn’t fit just right.

Then it happened:

I hired a coach. Through that experience, I realized that I wanted to sell the business, which I did even though I didn’t know what I was going to do next. Through my coaching, I realized that I loved marketing and branding. All of the books I read were about marketing, branding and PR. My degree, for God’s sake, was in Communication. I had been helping business owners to market their businesses left and right just because “it was fun.” So I hung out my shingle as a marketing mentor. I was amazed at how many people came running – I mean sprinting – to work with me! I immediately helped people to take a stand, uncover their message and spread it in meaningful ways. I was in the flow.

Now I marry those incredible creative, expressive and artistic experiences with my 10 years in corporate America and my experience as an entrepreneur, speaker and writer to help other business owners to take their stage and spread their message.

“I believe that when women are recognized, respected and rewarded for their special gifts and strengths, the whole world benefits.”

– Meredith

My Street Cred

  • I speak for women’s empowerment and entrepreneurial events around the country including eWomenNetwork, National Association of Women Business Owners, Ladies Who Launch, National Association of Professional Organizers, The International Women’s’ Toolbox, and a host of other organizations.
  • My expertise has been featured in the media: Entrepreneur.com, MSN.com, Yahoo.com, Ladies Home Journal, Columbus Business First, iVillage.com and host of other media outlets.
  • I’ve won two Apex Awards; one for a writing series called How To Raise Your Celebrity Profile and one for a business training program.
  • I won Micro Entrepreneur of the Year in 2010 from Increase CDC.
  • I wrote the book: Flourish! 10 Easy, Elegant and Essential Marketing Strategies for Solo and Micropreneurs.
  • I’m a co-author of the Amazon best-selling book The Gratitude Book Project.
  • I invest in my skills and mindset regularly. I’ve coached with some amazing people over the years: Loral Langemeier, Shawn Driscoll, Diana Long, Donna Kozik and others.

Little Known Facts (until now)

  • I enjoy spontaneous family-room dance parties with my two girls.
  • I dip my French fries in my Frosty.
  • I have rarely met a bottle of merlot I didn’t like.