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Client Profile, Jackie Ayers of Dyetology

jackie-ayersI met Jackie Ayers, owner of Dyetology, when I spoke at an event earlier this year. You guys! This woman! She’s a bright light in the world and does such great things her work and her charity with local homeless shelters.

Jackie decided to do a VIP Done With You Day with me where we focused on positioning her business for media attention. She wanted to promote her business but felt funny about putting the focus on herself. (She’s a GIVER!) I showed her a variety of ways to tell her story and even highlight herself and her business in a way that felt really good to her.

We updated her web site, created a media page on her site, added her story to her bio, updated her social media profiles, identified potential media opportunities, uncovered several different angles, wrote several pitches, created speaking topics, and more. Since our day together, Jackie has been on a media blitz! Here is some media coverage she’s enjoyed since then:

  1. Good Day Columbus
  2. Art Makes Columbus, Columbus Makes Art
  3. Cbus Chic
  4. Kindled Podcast
  5. City Scene June Publication
  6. And she has 2 other podcasts and print piece in Columbus Monthly

Here’s what Jackie had to say:

“Once I landed one media opportunity, it gave me the confidence to pursue additional media like podcasts! Working with Meredith was instrumental to landing all my media spots as I would have never had the confidence or knowledge to even pursue media coverage. Meredith has given me so many wonderful ideas from how to pitch to the various media platforms, to how to follow up after the pitch, as well how to showcase these opportunities on my website. I have made some wonderful connections and collaborations with other business owners as a result of these media opportunities. In May I had the best month of sales to date and it’s a result of many things starting to fall into place and the media coverage is one of the major factors that led to these sales!”

June 19th, 2018|0 Comments

Here’s How I Book Experts on TV

local-newsIn the last year, I’ve increasingly been asked to speak about how experts such as authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, doctors and so forth, can promote their businesses using local TV shows.

This makes me so happy.

I love this topic for many reasons. One of those reasons is that with TV appearances, everyone wins. Here’s what I mean:

  • You win: Being an expert on guest-driven lifestyle TV shows is a quick way build your brand.
  • The audience wins: You add value to people’s lives immediately with your expertise.
  • The TV Producer wins: When done well, you make the TV producer’s job easier, and they end up wanting to rebook you.


That’s my kind of deal.

What I’ve learned over the years is that I have real “niche-y” expertise in creating pitches for lifestyle TV shows that producers love. In fact, it has become common for me to hear from producers across the US who ask me for more guest experts because they love my creative segment ideas and how prepared my clients are. I’ve also had pretty incredible PR firms call me to ask how I do this.

Mind. Officially. Blown.

Live and learn, amIright?!

I’ve been teaching my process to experts and also representing experts across the US for several years now. Here is some insight into my process so you can start to see the possibilities for yourself.

When I have a client who is ready to branch out as an expert on TV, I start to think about how to create a pitch that TV producers will love. Here are some questions I start to ponder:

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Tales From the Trenches: What She Did After Not Landing The Speaking Engagement

small-steps-big-resultsI just had my last coaching client for the week. She shared with me that even though she’s been on the speaking circuit for years, she didn’t get the last opportunity she applied for.

Huge bummer. But….

She decided to send them an email asking for more information about what they are looking for in the future so she can prepare. That led to a phone call which led her to be booked immediately for the following year. And if one of their speakers pulls out for this year, she’s first on the list. And they want her to write for their magazine, starting immediately.

Here’s what’s huge about this: A year ago, she would have never sent this email. She wouldn’t have even thought about it. She would have just accepted it and moved on.

What has changed? Well… a lot. But it boils down to increased self confidence. Over the years, she has accepted “homework assignments” where I challenge her to do things she wouldn’t normally do.

  • She’s bolder now
  • More confident
  • More courageous
  • Happier in her skin

And it’s happened with one seemingly small act of bravery after the next. Over time, these small brave acts drastically boost self confidence.

So I have a challenge to those who are interested: Take a brave step today that takes you in the direction you want to go.

  • Send the inquiry email to the book publisher
  • Apply for the speaking engagement
  • Ask for the media coverage
  • Sign up for the class
  • Write the article
  • Raise your fee
  • Say no to that thing that you know won’t bring you joy
  • Say YES to that thing you deeply want to do
  • Make the phone call to the potential client
  • Extend the plank
  • Tell your team, friends, and family what you need
  • Wear that outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks, even with nowhere special to go
  • Use the special dinnerware
  • Break out the red lipstick
  • Etc…

Small steps. Big results.

© 2018 Meredith Liepelt, Rich Life Marketing

Meredith Liepelt specializes in helping experts to become more visible through messaging, communication and PR strategies. For insights and inspiration, visit

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Personal Branding and Skipping the Illusion of Fame


My client, Jaclyn Peresetsky, founder of Skin Perfect Image Wellness Spa, started her relationship with Skin, Inc, an industry publication, by being quoted in their online articles. Then she started writing articles like this latest one for them for their online and print media outlets. Then she was asked to speak at their conferences across the United States. Now she speaks at a variety of national conferences almost every month, has even emceed international conferences and is well down the path of developing her network of industry movers and shakers. She has so many opportunities and partnerships coming her way that she now has to very carefully weigh each one.

It all starts somewhere.

My role in all of this is guiding my trailblazing entrepreneurial clients to see and take action toward opening these life-changing doors. They realize the benefits of putting the work into building their personal brands instead of settling for cheap tactics that provide the illusion of fame.

Yes, it takes time. And baby, you’re worth it!

Are you ready to have a guide by your side to help bring forth your great ideas, personal brand, and next level of success? If so, let’s talk.  Info @ Rich Life Marketing (dot) com.

© 2018 Meredith Liepelt, Rich Life Marketing

Meredith Liepelt specializes in helping experts to become more visible through messaging, communication and PR strategies. For insights and inspiration, visit

This article may be reprinted when the copyright and author bio are included.

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Local Media Coverage Tips for Coaches, Consultants and Other Entrepreneurs

Given that I help coaches, consultants, and other entrepreneurs to land media coverage of substance in their local markets, reached out to interview me for an article they were writing on this subject. Here is the article which even includes an interesting story that happened to one of my clients!

Check it out:


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Press Release Distribution Tips

Want to reach out to the media but not sure where to start? Find great tips, including one from me, in this article called Top 30 Press Release Distribution Tips from the Pros, on the Fit Small Business web site.

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Want Publicity? Use Everything You’ve Got

I often talk about “using everything you’ve got” when you pitch to the media. What I mean by this is that you shouldn’t overlook opportunities for publicity, even when they don’t directly relate to your business.


Because you are more than just a professional persona. You are a person with a full life and lots of life experiences, all of which make you, YOU. And different. And unique. And special.

When you share different pieces of yourself, it’s easier for people to know, like and trust you.

Here’s an example. I was onboarding a new client recently who shared with me that she identifies as bisexual. I’m so glad that she told me that because now I can pitch her to LGBTQ media outlets, and they will likely be very receptive to considering her story. That one fact opened up a flood of new opportunities for publicity for her.

Here’s another example. I answered a query on HelpAReporter and ended up in an article called 10 People on How They Turned Their Liberal Arts Degree Into a Successful Career that was published on Now I get to share this with others, and they get to see a glimpse of me from a new perspective. Maybe we have something in common that we never knew before. Maybe this will spark an interesting conversation. Maybe it will help someone to see a liberal arts degree in a new perspective.

The point is that you are a full person with lots of life experiences. And believe it or not, all of those things that make you, you, can open doors to telling your story, sharing your message and helping more people.

© 2018 Meredith Liepelt, Rich Life Marketing

Meredith Liepelt specializes in helping experts to become more visible through messaging, communication and PR strategies. For insights and inspiration, visit

This article may be reprinted when the copyright and author bio are included.

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One of My Best “Work From Home” Tips Featured on

Do you work from home? Here are some tips from other “work from home” people, including me on this article on Great round up by Bill Murphy, Jr.

What would you add?

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Coaches, Consultants, Speakers and Authors

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: a time for giving and receiving with grace. As an expert in your field who is focused on raising your profile with media coverage, speaking, and publishing, here are some gift ideas that you may want to share with people who ask you what you want this year, or give to other experts on your list.

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Dealing With Your Inner Critic

Hot topic from a client coaching call today: Dealing with the inner critic as it relates to your business, marketing, and putting yourself out there. Because when you start tweaking your actions and thoughts order to increase your visibility and spread your message, it often brings up feelings of uncertainty or being “found out” as a fraud, even if you are CERTAIN that your work offer tremendous benefits.

I work with a variety of business owners and one thing I notice that is consistent across the board is that most everyone has this inner critic and some people are really good at managing it while others really struggle.

Here are two things I’ve noticed that the successful “inner critic managers” seem to do:

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