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A PR Lesson from Lionel Richie

I have a quick story to share with you today:

Lionel-RichieI have had the opportunity to meet Ken Kragen, the founder of We Are the World, several times. He tells the story of when he was managing Lionel Richie back in the day. (I may have some of the minor details missing here but you’ll get the point.) Ken thought Lionel would have an immediate Gold record on his hands when he booked him on a live show on a top-tier media outlet with an astronomical number of viewers.

However, after the show aired, there was not much impact to record sales.

Ken, being the uber-smart business man he is, did not feel discouraged to the point of inaction. In fact, he got Lionel booked on three other media outlets shortly thereafter which ended up helping record sales to skyrocket and become the hit they wanted.

The lesson here is this: Consistent media coverage can be much better than one big win, even when you are a already a super-star, uber-talented and a household name with tons of fans, like Lionel Richie.

Want to learn how to position yourself and get more consistent media coverage?


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An Eternal Asset — 7 Reasons To Write A Book

I was so impressed by my friend Barbara Wayman’s article about her new book that I asked her if I could share it here on my blog. It’s an honest look at why she wrote her book and the results she has gotten from book sales and going through this entire process. If you know Barbara, you know that she’s a deep thinker and has super-amazing, original thoughts and expert insights popping up all day long, so I simply couldn’t wait to learn more about her secrets to living an extraordinary life! I was not disappointed. In this article below she shares a lot about her book (which I highly recommend only if you want to live an extraordinary life), some of the reasons she wrote it, the obstacles she overcame, and how these things may help you to write that book you’ve always dreamed of. As the author of two self-published books myself, I say “bravo!” to her insights here.



An Eternal Asset — 7 Reasons To Write A Book

A guest post by Barbara Wayman

Living an Extraordinary Life book coverLast month I published my first book. It’s a non-fiction, self-help book designed to teach women (and interested men) specific ways to step into their power and own their greatness.

By far the number one question about the book I’ve received is, “How is your book selling?”

The answer is that it’s selling well and I am quite happy. But what people don’t understand is that most self-published books on the market sell less than 100 copies. Ever. Most publisher-published books on the market don’t fare much better. They average 250 sales per year.

You may be surprised to hear that. I think we assume that the books we see at the bookstore are selling tens of thousands of copies, if not hundreds of thousands. But that simply is not the case for the vast majority.

Technology has made it easier than ever to publish a book.

Right now, there are over 4,500 new books coming out every single day and that number will only increase over time. With so much competition, it’s hard to make an individual book stand out, which is why most of them typically sell to the author’s and publishers’ established communities.

I understood this reality before I undertook my own book project. I knew I was never going to get rich from creating this one book. But there are so many other great reasons to put forth the effort anyway.

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Five Twitter Handles to Follow For More Publicity

I’ve been using Twitter more lately to source media opportunities for myself and my clients. Perhaps these handles will help you to get more media coverage, too.

1. @HelpAReporter

You may have heard of and even use the free service called Why not also follow them on Twitter? This service is used by Wall Street Journal, New York Times and 45,000 other journalists who need experts (that’s YOU!) for their stories.

2. #UrgHARO

Ok, so this is a hashtag, not a twitter handle. (A hashtag simply means that you use the pound sign (#) and not the at sign (@).) When you follow this hashtag, you’ll see urgent requests from reporters who use Help A Reporter (see #1 above) and are extremely tight deadlines. Be among the first to help them out and win more media coverage.

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August 9th, 2015|1 Comment

Twitter PR Tip

twitter birdYou probably know that Twitter is a great tool to use to connect with reporters, news anchors and journalists. But did you know that you don’t have to follow them on Twitter to add them to a list? If you want to build relationships with members of the media, simply search for them, click the little “wheel” icon next to “follow” then create a list called “Local Media” or “Media Covering My Industry” or something like that. You can make your list private so nobody can see or use your list. Once you have started your list, check it daily. Interact with them. Retweet them. Comment on their stories. In other words, build a relationship with them. You may be able to eventually pitch them a story or respond to a last minute need for a story.

Give it a go!  Your brand will thank you!

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How to Nail Your Next Television Interview

So you landed your first TV appearance. Congratulations to you! If you’re like most of my clients, you’re a combination of excited and frightened. This is normal because you want to do well. To help you feel prepared, here are some tips I offer to my clients who are going on TV for the first few times, until it becomes old hat to them.

General Success Tips

  • TV-appearanceNothing is ever off the record. Always assume you are being recorded. I had a doctor on TV once who was saying negative things about another profession after they put his mike on! I had to ask the camera crew if they were filming yet and thankfully they were not. Let’s just say he never made that mistake again!
  • When the interview is over, stay on the set until the interviewer, producer or host tells you that the interview is over. They may fade out or keep broadcasting the “after the interview” chit chat you on the set. Don’t “run” off the set in nervous fit on a live show being broadcast.
  • When giving out a web site address or phone number, do it twice if you can and do it slowly.

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You Can Win Awards Like This

awardLong before I started my business, I knew the value positioning oneself as an expert. Somehow, I knew that it was not enough just to be an expert. Rather, there is a need to have proof of your expertise and to share that proof with others.

As a teenager, what this meant was winning ribbons as a competitive figure skater. Now, I wasn’t on the fast track to the Olympics by any stretch, but I did win a few first place ribbons, thank you very much! These awards not only gave me recognition of my hard work and effort (hello 5am practices three days a week) but it also made my confidence swell. I held myself to a different standard. And others noticed. I was chosen to perform at exhibitions, was offered prestigious roles in skating shows and even got to skate with Olympian Scott Hamilton in his hometown of Bowling Green, Ohio!

As a business owner, the lesson here is that when you win awards, people notice. It becomes a point of differentiation and distinction which helps to boost your brand. Taking time to seek out awards is a smart public relations move because it can boost your own confidence while increasing your credibility at the same time. Not only that, but how would you like to be introduced as “the award winning Business Coach/Architect/Interior Designer…” at your next speaking engagement? Sounds great, right?

Here are few tips that will help you to apply for and possibly win awards:

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Free Publicity Tool – Help A Reporter

GreenideaDo you use (HARO) to feature your brand in the media? If not, check it out. It’s free and it’s fabulous.
Here are two articles I was recently featured in after responding to two queries from journalists on HARO.

  1. Experts Weigh In: What is your favorite entrepreneur tool?
  2. 9 Ways to Improve Your Business Relationships

Links from credible sites like this are SEO gold and allow me to get in front of more potential clients with minimal effort. Plus it shows my commitment to my body of work to my current followers. And it only took 10 minutes to prepare each response because I’ve learned over the years what to say and what not to say to get most journalists to use my responses.

Want to learn my tips, short cuts and tactics I use to get my name mentioned and featured in the media? I have several strategies I use regularly and would love to share them with you. Check out my brand new training program called Easy Peasy Publicity. You will learn how to be your own publicist, get more media attention and book more speaking gigs.

Because who better than you to take charge of your publicity?

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A Few Thoughts on Building Your Tribe

crowd-of-legosI was recently talking with a freelance writer who was writing about how to build a following, otherwise known as a “tribe” or “community,” or as Dan Kennedy says, “the herd.”  Here are some ideas I shared with the writer. I thought you might be interested in this too:

1. Take a stand. People become loyal to others who take a stand and lead a movement. This requires a certain amount of courage, because you need to share your opinions and point of view. That means that some people will love what you have to say. Others will not. And that’s OK, because plain vanilla isn’t interesting, and it doesn’t build a tribe and create word of mouth buzz like Wildberry Lavender and Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet does.

2. Actually communicate with your tribe. True communication requires some back and forth conversation. It’s not just about sending out social media updates and emails. You need to hear from your community. How can you do that? Ask your followers what they need, what they care about, what they are struggling with and what they are celebrating. Listen to their comments on your blog and their emails in response to your ezine. Send out surveys through SurveyMonkey, Facebook or otherwise. Read and respond to their social media updates. Be aware of who they are and what is important to them. That’s the way you stay relevant to them as a thought leader so they will continue to follow and buy from you.

3. Actually care about your tribe. Of course you are in business to make a profit, but never put making a buck in front of serving them properly. If your tribe gets the sense that you are solely out for their wallets and not to genuinely help them, don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

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Be Like iStock and Vince Vaughn

Vince-Vaughn-Unfinished-BusinessDid you see that iStock by Getty Images has teamed up with Vince Vaughn and the co-stars from the movie “Unfinished Business” and Twentieth Century Fox? They came together to create a variety of stock photos featuring the co-stars that anyone can use for free.

It’s genius. And funny. And relevant.

I absolutely love creative moves like this.

If you look closely at this creative move, there is a tip in there for us, the small business owners. It’s about tapping into pop culture to build buzz around your business, just like iStock did. You may not have the budget to hire Vince Vaughn, but here are some other ideas to get you thinking!

  1. I have a client who owns a spa. For five years, she went on her local TV station and recreated looks from the Golden Globes and the Oscars. Can you tie your business to pop culture events like Hollywood Awards Season, the Superbowl, the Olympics and so forth?
  2. Holidays. Everyone talks about the upcoming holidays. There is likely a way to tie your business to Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and other holidays. Several of my life coach clients have gotten media coverage by tying their businesses to New Year’s Day by finding a new way of talking about the quintessential “New Year’s Resolutions” in fresh ways. Not looking for media coverage? How about an executive coach who writes an article about “How to love your leadership style” or “How to let love inspire your leadership.”
  3. Holidays. There are thousands of off-the-beaten-path holidays that you can use to build buzz. There is Beautiful in Your Skin Month, Entrepreneurs “Do It Yourself” Marketing Month, Great Outdoors Month, National Family Caregivers Month, National Inspirational Role Models Month and so on. Use these holidays to tie into a current holiday. Find out more about these holidays on
  4. Is a celebrity in the news? If so, can you tie into that somehow? Guilliana Rancic was in the news recently about some things she said on the TV show, Fashion Police. Do you have an expert opinion on that? Perhaps you’re a diversity or leadership coach. Can you comment on the lessons you hope people are learning through this experience? If you are a communication or public speaking coach, can you comment on the sincerity of her apology? A branding coach could comment on how this may affect her personal brand. The “unretouched” photo of Cindy Crawford is another hot topic right now. As a photographer, what is your expert opinion? As a life coach, what’s your take-away? As a coach for mothers of teens, what’s your comment? Was it real? Does it matter? What does the conversation mean to us as a society? Write about it or create a video about it.
  5. Do you remember back in 2011 when Ted Williams, the homeless man in Columbus, Ohio made the national news for his amazing speaking voice? Here’s an article I wrote about that which received a significant amount of attention because his name was trending and my article popped up in online searches.
  6. Other ideas: The weather, the list of “what’s trending” on Yahoo!, a popular TV show, basically most anything that you see on the news or see in your feed.

I’m sure it hasn’t gotten past you that this article itself picks up on the idea of taking what people are currently talking about and using it to make a point that relates to your business. The point is that if a story in pop-culture is out there and people are already talking about it, why not jump on it and gain some traction as you make a point, share an opinion and share your point of view? The outcome is that you will build buzz about your business and be seen as relevant and current.


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Get Caught Being an Expert

I was recently a guest on Howie’s Content Corner hosted by Les Fultz. As we were talking he said something that sparked the idea to write about “how to get caught” being an expert. Because that is goal of all of this “content” we are creating: To “get caught” being an expert through the actions that we take so we can find more clients.

Here are few things that crossed my mind as I thought more about this idea of “getting caught” and how you can use it to build your brand:

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