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Meredith Shines the Spotlight on…Margie Beiswanger


Name: Margie Beiswanger

Business Name: Transform Your Brilliance

In a few words or sentences, tell me about your work:

Truth be told, I’m a scientist. For 25 years, I was a happy and curious researcher, teacher, and university administrator. But in 2009, I decided to engage in a different sort of “science” altogether. I got my Life Coach Certification and built a successful business while working full time. I was busy. Busy and deliriously happy. Over time, my friends and colleagues noticed this – and how successful my business was – and they started asking me for advice on how to grow their businesses. And I realized: This is my calling. I have a gift for helping people discover how to share their gifts so they can make a great living. And that, combined with my scientist’s mind for working methodically and really thinking things through, gave birth to Transform Your Brilliance.

Tell us three words that describe you:

passionate, intuitive, productive

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April 16th, 2014|0 Comments

Butting up against your confidence? Try this.

I attended a meeting recently where prominent women in business were discussing various topics related to leadership. What struck me was the fervor with which these women were talking about self confidence, specifically their occasional (or not so occasional) lack thereof. It became clear to me that although these women were known for being quite accomplished, many of them were struggling in some way with self confidence, just like we all do from time to time.

I believe that self confidence is a skill that you can improve upon. It’s like a muscle that can be flexed and strengthened. To find out what others think about self confidence and how they summon it, I went out to Facebook and asked people to share their insights into how build self confidence. Here are their responses, along with a few of my own thoughts on this subject.

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March 31st, 2014|0 Comments

Shake It Up in Hollywood Photos

Here are some moments from my retreat called Shake It Up in Hollywood in February.

working in the cabana
red carpet
posting ideas
working lunch
lash interview
March 24th, 2014|0 Comments

3 Words of Advice

2014-Womens-Advantage-Calendar-quoteI’m thrilled that my thought/quote/advice is featured today in The 2014 Woman’s Advantage Shared Wisdom Calendar!

Please feel free to share the 3 words you  have selected for yourself in the comments below. Mine are playful, kind, resourceful.

February 27th, 2014|2 Comments

How to Get Discovered

As a coach, consultant or the leader of your business, you know how much help you provide to your clients. But you may also feel really frustrated because you are still waiting to be “discovered” by the masses. Waiting to be asked to join the joint venture that you just know you should be part of. Wanting to be the next speaker at a specific conference. Frustrated that you aren’t getting the media coverage you deserve.

I know. I’ve been there.

Here’s the cold hard truth:

  1. Nobody wakes up thinking about how they can discover you.
  2. You have to make it happen yourself.

The great news is that it’s possible. It’s very possible for you. In fact, it’s probable if you know how to do it. After the 6+ years that I’ve been mentoring others to step into the spotlight and grow their businesses and doing my own coaching as well, it dawned on me one day when I was… you know… where most ah-ha moments happen. In the shower.

 “Standing out and getting discovered is equal parts who you are being and what you are doing.”

This realization really stopped me in my tracks. I could see this so crystal-clear in my own businesses and in my clients’ businesses as well.

So I took many months and studied this in myself, my clients and in others. Here are the three things that I found that make the biggest differences between being somewhat successful and being wildly successful and fulfilled.

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January 31st, 2014|0 Comments

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

peaceMerry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Here’s a song that my husband and I recorded years ago. Wishing you peace like a river.

Peace Like a River Kum Ba Ya.mp3

December 24th, 2013|2 Comments

You Are More Like Molly Ringwald Than You Think

molly-ringwaldI recently watched a Biography program featuring Molly Ringwald of 1980s comedy/drama fame including The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink and others. To my surprise, I found out that Molly is now an accomplished jazz singer. She said something that really struck me about her life. To paraphrase, she said something about the fact that she hasn’t reinvented herself into a jazz singer, she has just always evolved as a person. In fact, she used to sing with her father’s jazz group as a young girl, and returning to jazz singing has simply been a part of her evolving as a human being.

Now I don’t want to get hung up on the words “reinvention” and “evolution.” The fact is that most adults, myself included, have reinvented themselves at least once in their adult lives. However when Molly said that she saw her life as more of an evolution of herself, it seemed intentional, purposeful and natural. It spoke to me as a person who helps others to step into a greater expression of themselves, most times including “reinvention” or “evolution” on their part.

After many years of working with people in this way, I offer a few observations here to consider if you are also looking at the next evolution of yourself:

This is a good thing.

Many times people beat themselves up for wanting to or needing to evolve, when in fact, it’s a very natural thing. I mean, can you imagine being the exact same person you were as a teenager? I’ll speak for myself here: Yikes!

A client, we’ll call her Jane, came to me after having built very successful business. She was feeling frustrated because she didn’t want her business as it was anymore. She was bored and was feeling guilty about it. As we coached, she started to understand that evolving and reinventing herself was a really good thing because she got to serve people in a new way that actually invigorated her again. It didn’t mean that she didn’t like or appreciate her past. In fairly short order she decided to “hug” her past, appreciate what lead her to today and then with gratitude and compassion, start purposefully walking toward her future. She has since gone on to build credibility as a motivational speaker and mentor.

To do something like this for yourself, you will want to…

Create a vision.

It may seem obvious, but you need to know where you are going. If you are itching for something new, start to spell it out in as much detail as you can. Perhaps you can use your five senses and write about you will see, hear, taste, smell and touch when you have fully realized your new vision. For example, Molly Ringwald could have said that she hears jazz music every day, feels the music from within her and feels connected with her father.

Once you have this vision, review it often because…

It can be a bumpy ride.

Change may not comfortable, even if it’s a positive change. Even so, change should be intentional and purposeful. I propose that you set the bar high and then rise up to meet it. Just acknowledge that there will be challenges and try to plan for obvious bumps in the road so you can deal with them and move on.

To manage these changes, you will want to…

Tell others your plan.

Share your vision with others and ask them to hold you accountable. Ask them for any specific help you need emotionally, physically, spiritually or otherwise. You will need people around you who will help you keep moving and also to celebrate with as you have successes.

If you want help to define your next moves, I’m happy to help. I’ve set aside time to talk with the first 10 people who contact me this week who know they want to experience something like this in their own lives. Contact me at to set up a time for a complimentary 30 minute call with me today.

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Meredith Liepelt is a Brand Strategist specializing in creating visibility for experts. For branding and marketing insights, challenges and inspiration, visit

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December 3rd, 2013|0 Comments

Pushing Buttons and The Blame Game

dont-push-my-buttonsLast month, I shared a tool that my husband and I have been using behind the scenes to leverage our time and money. As a fellow entrepreneur looking to leverage your time, I felt it was something you may want to know about so I decided to share it with you.

The response was very interesting. Here is some of it:

“Interesting tool! I will look into it.”

“Thanks for sharing.”

And then there was this email that hit me like a ton of bricks:

“…SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!…”


Now, being the highly evolved person that I am, I just simply smiled and let it roll off my back.


I got miffed. I got upset. I ranted.

And after a bit of that, I took some deep breaths and found myself feeling really bad for this person. This was obviously a person who needed to lash out at someone for something… anything. After a day or so, I thought about it again and wondered what lesson there could be in this for me. Surely there had to be a lesson in this that I needed to hear.

Here’s what I figured out.

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September 24th, 2013|6 Comments

Eight Words That Will Change Your Life

8Have you ever been told about an opportunity or been asked to do something and you’re just not sure that you are ready to commit? It’s not that you want to or don’t want to. It’s just that you’re not ready to commit and you need to think about it. But sometimes you feel pressured to say yes in the moment even though you really don’t know that yes is the right answer.

These kinds of situations come up every day. You may recognize just a few:

Will you moderate the panel discussion?
Will you write an original article for this blog?
Will you fly yourself in to speak at this speaking engagement on your dime?
Will you join the committee?
Will you give to my charity?
Will you run the school bake sale?

Here are the eight words you can use that have the power to change your life:

“Give me 24 hours to think about it.”

I use this sentence frequently.

Take a moment. Think about it. Then either commit or turn it down. But since you’ve given yourself a little time to really think about it, you’ll feel better about whatever decision you make.

Do you have a short sentence that changes your life? If so, share it below.

© 2013 Meredith Liepelt, Rich Life Marketing

Meredith Liepelt is a Brand Strategist specializing in creating visibility for experts. For branding and marketing insights, challenges and inspiration, visit

This article may be reprinted when the copyright and author bio are included.

September 16th, 2013|6 Comments

Are You in Your Own Way?

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, journaling and studying about why some people are incredibly successful in being well-known in their fields while others struggle. Here’s the thing: It has nothing to do with who is smarter. Rather, it has to do with this core idea:

People who are the most successful and feel the most successful get out of their own darn way.

I see this loud and clear in my clients and I’ve most certainly seen this in myself. Here’s a case in point:

My tendency is to get so deep into my head that I over-think things sometimes. That problem has led to decisions that have gone against my intuition or my values of “play” and “fun.” The decisions I’ve made when I’m only in my head have always come back to haunt me. It leads to painful costs – financially and emotionally.


So it’s really important to be able to recognize when you are getting in your own way so you can learn to stop it and move forward with more grace and ease.

If you need some help to recognize how you may be getting in your own way, here are some ways I’ve noticed others holding themselves back. See if you can find a clue to something that may be holding you back, even unintentionally, so you can begin to feel more grace and ease in your life and business:

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August 6th, 2013|5 Comments