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Create a Strategic Brand Alliance Like Madonna

When big brands want to create a bigger footprint, impact or enter a new market, one of the things they do is attach themselves to a bigger brand. It’s called a strategic brand alliance.

You can do the same thing.

Madonna-80sThink about Madonna back in the day. Remember back in the 80s when her star was on the rise? She was a household name and enjoyed plenty of fame, fortune and money as a singer. But she really wanted a movie career. So what’s a huge music star to do? How about marry a big movie star like Sean Penn? While she may or may not have consciously sought-out a movie star, it certainly couldn’t hurt, right?

In other words, Madonna aligned herself with a brand in the industry she wanted to be a part of. She started hanging out with the movers and shakers in that industry and networking there. (Yes, even movie stars network!)

I realize this example is outrageous. I’m not suggesting that you drop your significant other to seek out someone else for the benefit of your business. I am suggesting that you can elevate your brand by associating with businesses and people who have stronger brands and more name recognition than you. It’s a common business practice that many small business owners tend overlook.

There are many reasons why elevating your brand in this way is a smart use of your energy. One of the biggest is that it’s a way to increase your credibility almost instantly. Being aligned with well-known companies and people makes you more attractive to potential clients, media, sponsors, business partners and conference planners.

Here are a few ways that you take action today and use this concept to increase your own brand:

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November 11th, 2014|0 Comments

You’re the Top!

“You’re the Top” is a song from the musical Anything Goes. It’s about a man and a woman who take turns pointing out the great qualities about each other.

What does this have to do with helping coaches and consultants create their messaging?

A ton.

To create authentic messaging that makes you stand out from the crowd, you must uncover those great qualities, quirks and idiosyncrasies that make you, you. (Remember – You’re the top!) And then you can courageously and creatively use them in your business to stand out. Those things that you may think are silly, crazy, unimportant or not “professional” are really the things that people will relate to. They are the things that when you use them in a strategic way, will help you to brand yourself and become known in your field.

Here are a few people who have done the work to create strong and courageous brand messaging. You probably have moderate to strong feelings about them one way or another. And that’s the point. They bring their full selves – their quirks, their strengths, their personalities and their perspectives – into their businesses. That means you probably either like them… or not. They are not trying to please everyone. They are content to build successful businesses by being themselves:

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October 26th, 2014|0 Comments

5 Great Ted Talks About Branding

Are These Ted Talks Really About Branding?

You probably watch Ted Talks just like I do. I don’t watch them regularly, but once I sit down to watch one, I can get sucked into listening to a handful of super cool people and ideas. Today I’m sharing five Ted Talks that resonate with me because of how they tie into personal branding, brand messaging and marketing. Not all of these are positioned as branding talks, but they all have amazing branding lessons to learn from.

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Download a Chapter of My Book for No Cost

Everyone likes free stuff, right? I do!

Own-Your-Star-Power-3D-bookDid you know you can get a free chapter of my second book called Own Your Star Power: Discover Yourself, Reveal Yourself, Get Discovered. And all without any additional opt-in? That’s right. You just go get it here:

It’s a picture book for adults, which means it’s easy and fast to read. But don’t let its simplicity fool you. It includes issues and sticking points that have repeatedly come up with my personal branding and marketing clients for years. Here’s a sneak peak at just a few things in the first chapter:

  • Learn how to profit from your personal brand in more ways than just financially on page 16.
  • On page 25 you will find a simple and powerful way to stop yourself from feeling bad about promoting yourself ever again.
  • On page 31, you’ll learn what’s better than being better.
  • Everyone’s heard of the “Bucket List,” but on page 34 you’ll learn about its cousin.
  • A magic fairy on page 39 will grant you your most outrageous dream. Well… sort of.

So go grab the first chapter today.

You are welcome to share the link with others as well. In fact, I’d greatly appreciate it!


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It’s Time to Own Your Star Power™

Own-Your-Star-Power-3D-bookSPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:

You may know that my work centers around personal branding and marketing. In other words, it’s about being intentional about who you are becoming and making strategic decisions to love your life. In fact, I wrote a book about it. It’s called Own Your Star Power: Discover Yourself, Reveal Yourself, Get Discovered, and it is available TODAY.

Check out these 3 options:

1.     Download the first chapter for free!
2.     Buy the book today
3.     Get a signed copy from me when you pre-order the Own Your Star Power Online Course


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How to Build an Exceptional Personal Brand as an Expert

Personal branding is one of those things that sounds like a good idea in theory, but it’s still a pretty vague subject. Putting your finger on what it is, how to do it effectively and how to benefit from it can seem pretty fuzzy. Many people who talk about personal branding don’t offer real-world actions and help you create a plan of action that makes it worth your while. This article will give you some things to think about as you build your brand.

Having a strong personal brand that you can cash in on as an expert is not just for people like Oprah, Madonna or Martha Stewart. It’s for everyone. It’s for you. Just like these three powerful women, you too can build a strong personal brand and cash in on it. Branding yourself is an internal journey that leads you to toward taking specific and intentional action to become the biggest and brightest “you” that you want to be. And as an expert in your field, your personal brand is what will attract the kind of clients, partners and opportunities that fire you up.

To help you on this journey, here is a list of just 24 things you can do take control of your personal brand and increase your profile as an expert:

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Meredith Shines the Spotlight on…Christine Whitmarsh

Christine-WhitmarshName: Christine Whitmarsh

Business Name: Christine, Ink

In a few words or sentences, tell me about your work:

Corporate Brand: I am the “village spokesperson” (he-hem “CEO”) of a creative village of talented writers, editors, and support staff who turn our clients’ book visions into book realities, as well as crafting all their other written messaging.

Personal Brand: #1 bestselling author, speaker, coach; inspiring people to share their words and change their world!

Tell us three words that describe you:

Creative, Driven, Enthusiastic

What motivates you to do the work you do? What drives you?

My love of words! I am driven by results – watching proudly as a client’s long held dream of seeing their words in print, becomes reality; sharing my words – my stories – and affecting people… whether through laughter, inspiration, emotion, learning… the inexplicable yet electric effect of carefully crafted words connecting with their target.

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August 3rd, 2014|0 Comments

Use This Simple Tactic to Make Massive Progress

I recently asked a question via text that led me to a fast and easy $3,000. It was so simple. All I had to do was ask a client if she wanted something else I had to offer and she texted back, “Of course, mama!”

And so it was.

If only it was always that easy!

It started me thinking about asking direct questions and asking for what you want. I know that most people struggle with this, at least occasionally. The problem is that when we don’t break through that struggle, we close ourselves off from what is possible for us. And at risk of sounding grandiose, I’ll even go so far as to say that we close the door on changing our world and the world around us. Instead of asking for what we want, we lean on things like this:

  • I don’t want to bother them.
  • I don’t want to be seen as pushy.
  • They may say “no.”
  • Who am I to ask that?
  • What will they think of me?

We are all really good at creating reasons to not ask for what we want, aren’t we? But here’s the thing:

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June 8th, 2014|0 Comments

What a 5k Did for Running My Business

Mere-5k-finishI did something last week that I had no intention of doing. I completed my first 5K.

For you runners out there, running a 5K is probably no big deal. For me, it is. I’m not a runner. And even though it’s not unusual for me to walk three miles, what is unusual is for me to walk in a formal 5K.

Here is how it unfolded.

Over the weekend, I finally heard the message loud and clear, “It doesn’t matter what you believe. What matters is how you move your feet.”

I’ve heard this saying before many times, and you probably have as well. But for whatever reason, when I heard it this time, it resonated with me like never before. I sat with it and let it wash over me. It was like an answer to a question I had been asking for years.

Later that morning, I was reminded of the 5K that was taking place that afternoon to raise funds for kids to attend Camp Akita this summer. This is a fabulous camp in Ohio close to where I live that we’ve gone to many times over the years. I spontaneously asked my husband if he wanted to do the 5K with me. He was a bit stunned at my unusual question, but as a runner, he was in!

It wasn’t until we were about half way through that I realized why I had the spontaneous urge to walk in this 5K.

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May 12th, 2014|0 Comments

Meredith Shines the Spotlight on…Tonya Tiggett

Tonya-Tiggett-Headshot_2014Name: Tonya Tiggett

Business Name: Promoting University, LLC

In a few words or sentences, tell me about your work:

I teach business professionals a 5 step technique which is a sure-fire way to communicate and establish their value add, so they are victorious in job interviews, performance discussions and in most business contexts.

Tell us three words that describe you:

Energetic, Enthusiastic, Feisty

How do you “live your brand?”

I ask for what I want and always seek to improve upon my own communication skills.  When I really want something, I find a way to make what seems like a “no,” really a “yes.”  I also promote others constantly and love doing it!

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