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Free Publicity Tool – Help A Reporter

GreenideaDo you use (HARO) to feature your brand in the media? If not, check it out. It’s free and it’s fabulous.
Here are two articles I was recently featured in after responding to two queries from journalists on HARO.

  1. Experts Weigh In: What is your favorite entrepreneur tool?
  2. 9 Ways to Improve Your Business Relationships

Links from credible sites like this are SEO gold and allow me to get in front of more potential clients with minimal effort. Plus it shows my commitment to my body of work to my current followers. And it only took 10 minutes to prepare each response because I’ve learned over the years what to say and what not to say to get most journalists to use my responses.

Want to learn my tips, short cuts and tactics I use to get my name mentioned and featured in the media? I have several strategies I use regularly and would love to share them with you. Check out my brand new training program called Easy Peasy Publicity. You will learn how to be your own publicist, get more media attention and book more speaking gigs.

Because who better than you to take charge of your publicity?

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A Few Thoughts on Building Your Tribe

crowd-of-legosI was recently talking with a freelance writer who was writing about how to build a following, otherwise known as a “tribe” or “community,” or as Dan Kennedy says, “the herd.”  Here are some ideas I shared with the writer. I thought you might be interested in this too:

1. Take a stand. People become loyal to others who take a stand and lead a movement. This requires a certain amount of courage, because you need to share your opinions and point of view. That means that some people will love what you have to say. Others will not. And that’s OK, because plain vanilla isn’t interesting, and it doesn’t build a tribe and create word of mouth buzz like Wildberry Lavender and Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet does.

2. Actually communicate with your tribe. True communication requires some back and forth conversation. It’s not just about sending out social media updates and emails. You need to hear from your community. How can you do that? Ask your followers what they need, what they care about, what they are struggling with and what they are celebrating. Listen to their comments on your blog and their emails in response to your ezine. Send out surveys through SurveyMonkey, Facebook or otherwise. Read and respond to their social media updates. Be aware of who they are and what is important to them. That’s the way you stay relevant to them as a thought leader so they will continue to follow and buy from you.

3. Actually care about your tribe. Of course you are in business to make a profit, but never put making a buck in front of serving them properly. If your tribe gets the sense that you are solely out for their wallets and not to genuinely help them, don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

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Be Like iStock and Vince Vaughn

Vince-Vaughn-Unfinished-BusinessDid you see that iStock by Getty Images has teamed up with Vince Vaughn and the co-stars from the movie “Unfinished Business” and Twentieth Century Fox? They came together to create a variety of stock photos featuring the co-stars that anyone can use for free.

It’s genius. And funny. And relevant.

I absolutely love creative moves like this.

If you look closely at this creative move, there is a tip in there for us, the small business owners. It’s about tapping into pop culture to build buzz around your business, just like iStock did. You may not have the budget to hire Vince Vaughn, but here are some other ideas to get you thinking!

  1. I have a client who owns a spa. For five years, she went on her local TV station and recreated looks from the Golden Globes and the Oscars. Can you tie your business to pop culture events like Hollywood Awards Season, the Superbowl, the Olympics and so forth?
  2. Holidays. Everyone talks about the upcoming holidays. There is likely a way to tie your business to Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and other holidays. Several of my life coach clients have gotten media coverage by tying their businesses to New Year’s Day by finding a new way of talking about the quintessential “New Year’s Resolutions” in fresh ways. Not looking for media coverage? How about an executive coach who writes an article about “How to love your leadership style” or “How to let love inspire your leadership.”
  3. Holidays. There are thousands of off-the-beaten-path holidays that you can use to build buzz. There is Beautiful in Your Skin Month, Entrepreneurs “Do It Yourself” Marketing Month, Great Outdoors Month, National Family Caregivers Month, National Inspirational Role Models Month and so on. Use these holidays to tie into a current holiday. Find out more about these holidays on
  4. Is a celebrity in the news? If so, can you tie into that somehow? Guilliana Rancic was in the news recently about some things she said on the TV show, Fashion Police. Do you have an expert opinion on that? Perhaps you’re a diversity or leadership coach. Can you comment on the lessons you hope people are learning through this experience? If you are a communication or public speaking coach, can you comment on the sincerity of her apology? A branding coach could comment on how this may affect her personal brand. The “unretouched” photo of Cindy Crawford is another hot topic right now. As a photographer, what is your expert opinion? As a life coach, what’s your take-away? As a coach for mothers of teens, what’s your comment? Was it real? Does it matter? What does the conversation mean to us as a society? Write about it or create a video about it.
  5. Do you remember back in 2011 when Ted Williams, the homeless man in Columbus, Ohio made the national news for his amazing speaking voice? Here’s an article I wrote about that which received a significant amount of attention because his name was trending and my article popped up in online searches.
  6. Other ideas: The weather, the list of “what’s trending” on Yahoo!, a popular TV show, basically most anything that you see on the news or see in your feed.

I’m sure it hasn’t gotten past you that this article itself picks up on the idea of taking what people are currently talking about and using it to make a point that relates to your business. The point is that if a story in pop-culture is out there and people are already talking about it, why not jump on it and gain some traction as you make a point, share an opinion and share your point of view? The outcome is that you will build buzz about your business and be seen as relevant and current.


© 2015 Meredith Liepelt, Rich Life Marketing

Meredith Liepelt is a Brand Strategist specializing in creating visibility for experts. For branding and marketing insights, challenges and inspiration, visit

This article may be reprinted when the copyright and author bio are included.

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Get Caught Being an Expert

I was recently a guest on Howie’s Content Corner hosted by Les Fultz. As we were talking he said something that sparked the idea to write about “how to get caught” being an expert. Because that is goal of all of this “content” we are creating: To “get caught” being an expert through the actions that we take so we can find more clients.

Here are few things that crossed my mind as I thought more about this idea of “getting caught” and how you can use it to build your brand:

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Meredith Shines the Spotlight on…Lisa Braithwaite

Lisa-BraithwaiteName: Lisa Braithwaite

Business Name: None – yet! I am a Public Speaking Coach and Trainer.

In a few words or sentences, tell me about your work:

I help entrepreneurs and professionals deliver memorable and engaging presentations in order to build their businesses through speaking.

Tell us three words that describe you:

Dorky, Fun, Bold

What motivates you to do the work you do? What drives you?

I love speaking, teaching and training, and I love to see my clients discover the joy and amazing energy of connecting with an audience and developing their confidence as speakers.

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A Simple Way to Prioritize

Overwhelmed with too many opportunities? Not sure what to do next? Here are three great questions to ask when considering an opportunity or creating your priorities:

  1. yes-no-maybeDoes this serve my uniqueness?
  2. Does it serve my top clients?
  3. Will it help me maintain or grow my profits?

If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, chances are it’s a great place to put your time, energy and other resources.  Say “Yes!”

If your answer is “no,” pass on it so you can keep space open for a truly great brand-building opportunity.

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Easy Peasy Publicity

Earlier this year, a client of mine called me on a Tuesday saying that she was going to be in South Africa that Friday and wanted me to book her on CNBC there.

Ummm… Excuse me… What?

I don’t happen to be besties with people at CNBC in the United States, let alone in Johannesburg, South Africa! But this person had been a client for a while, and she incented me to do this so I wanted to figure it out. I took it on as a challenge to my publicity skills!

Here’s what I did: I started by going online to my friend Google.

I did some pretty basic Internet searches and found about six shows that were appropriate for her topic on CNBC in Johannesburg, South Africa. I found the email addresses of the producers of a few of those shows. For other shows, I found phone numbers. So I called over to each of the shows in South Africa. I called multiple times because the connection was either bad, grainy or kept getting cut off. But I kept trying, and trying and trying. Finally I had confirmed the producers’ titles, roles and email addresses for each of the six shows.

Once I collected all of this info, I did what I would do normally, which is write a great pitch about my client. Once I was satisfied with the pitch I hit “send,” and off went six emails to CNBC in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Then I waited.

I waited for what seemed like forever.

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Press Release – Dublin Resident, Meredith Liepelt Selected As a “Top-Idea Maven” by The Woman’s Advantage®

Entrepreneur’s Advice Featured in 2015 Woman’s Advantage® Calendar

Dublin, Ohio – Meredith Liepelt, Branding Strategist of Rich Life Marketing was selected from over 5,000 submissions to be featured in The 2015 Woman’s Advantage® Shared Wisdom Calendar. The calendar provides advice for women business owners from influential women leaders across the US and around the world.

Mary Cantando, Growth Expert of The Woman’s Advantage®, today announced that Meredith’s advice has been included in the calendar. Meredith’s quote reads, “Accept compliments by saying Thank You instead of diminishing it or yourself.”

“I’m thrilled to be part of this calendar filled with great reminders from women all over the world,” said Liepelt.

“Meredith’s quote was selected because it was powerful yet easy to understand. Her idea is relevant to almost every woman in business today.” says Cantando. “Women business owners and those who dream of starting a business will learn so much from the advice provided by Meredith and the other successful women quoted in the calendar.”

The Woman’s Advantage 2015 Calendar provides sound bites of advice on key business issues including: organization, promotion, sales, and human resources. It sells for $22.95 and can be ordered at

About Meredith Liepelt

Meredith Liepelt owns Rich Life Marketing, a personal branding and marketing consultancy based in Dublin, Ohio for coaches, consultants, speakers and other personality-based businesses around the world. She is the author of Own Your Star Power and speaks for entrepreneurial events around the United States.

About Mary Cantando

Mary Cantando, an internationally-recognized expert on women business owners, is the developer of the Woman’s Advantage® line of products, geared specifically to women entrepreneurs. Cantando is Founder of The Woman’s Advantage® Forum, an international program that helps women build multimillion-dollar businesses.

About The Woman’s Advantage®

The Woman’s Advantage® is a line of information products, including books, workbooks, audio CDs, and calendars designed exclusively for successful women business owners. The Woman’s Advantage® Forum enable women with small businesses to grow them into multimillion-dollar concerns. For more information, call 919-841-0401 or visit


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Press Release – Free Information Available at Small Business Branding and Marketing Website

Dublin, Ohio – December 11, 2014  –Rich Life Marketing announced the free availability of 5 Reasons Your Message is Costing You Clients at its updated website at In this new web content, personality-based business owners like doctors, dentists, lawyers, coaches and consultants, will learn why their marketing message is not reaching their audience and why it’s important to create a signature message.

“Most Personality-based businesses are struggling to stand out in a crowded field and get noticed by their prospective clients,” said Meredith Liepelt, Branding Strategist of Rich Life Marketing. “By making this information available for free, I’m hoping to educate more people about how to create a bold message that is unique and stands out immediately to their client base.

For more information, go to to get more information. Questions can be directed to 614.873.7226 or email:

About Rich Life Marketing ( )
Founded in 2007, Rich Life Marketing ( is a virtual brand consultancy that works with coaches, consultants, speakers and other service-based businesses all over the world to develop signature brand messaging and strategic communications. An author, speaker and coach, owner Meredith Liepelt has helped hundreds of business owners to stand out in crowded markets and build their businesses.

Contact: Meredith Liepelt
Phone: 614.873.7226 x 1

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What Makes You Come Alive?

The philosopher Harold Thurman Whitman said:

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

To me, this quote speaks to the idea of taking courageous action and living a rich life. Most of us want to live a rich, full beautiful life, but as silly as it seems, it takes courage to actually do that. We can get so busy in our daily lives that we forget that we get to create our lives. Sometimes it requires us to go through those uncomfortable growing pains.

I’m feeling these growing pains a lot right now as I enter a new phase in my business where I’m adding leverage and new private coaching packages for 2015. It’s forcing me to do things differently so I can “come alive” in new creative ways. For example, I am going way out of my comfort zone and changing some of my technology. (I don’t love technology. I’d so much rather not have to deal with any of it!) I switched my email marketing system to Infusionsoft, and I changed my password management software to LassPass and am doing a few other tech upgrades as well. It’s a lot of change for me, but thankfully my team is doing the detail work and heavy lifting. These changes I’m making are forcing me to be even more strategic than ever, but they will help me to continue to run a profitable business and still have some free time to spend how I want.

Here’s the truth: If you’re not changing things up, you’re just staying where you have already been. It’s hard to stay relevant if you don’t shake things up from time to time. For me, going through the pain of adding in new technology is just something that needs to be done so I can “come alive” in new ways in 2015. It’s exciting when I keep my eye on the prize!

My question to you as we look into 2015 is this: How can you “come alive” in a new way so you can have the business and live the life you really want? It may not be technology, but it could be. I’d love to hear what you’re up to. Please share below.

SPECIAL NOTE: Let me help you “come alive!” Do you know what makes you unique, what your message is and how to use it? If not, let’s have a free strategy session. It’s your time. Let’s go! I can’t wait to talk with you!

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