You are about to “meet” an elite list of my partners, affiliates and trusted resources who work in complementary areas of marketing, branding and business development.

I personally know and/or work with each of these businesses below to increase my business and visibility. These are my trusted resources. I am an affiliate of each of these businesses because I know them and know first-hand of the quality of their programs and services. PLEASE do your own due diligence, of course, as I don’t offer any guarantees on their behalf. (Oh –the things one has to say to protect oneself!)

Here they are… People I trust to help me in my business:

Write a Book in a Weekend

This is the program I went through to write my first book.

Automated Sales and Marketing

Here is the system I started using in 2014 to automate interactions I have with people online and increase sales.

DIY Video Creation

I use this tool to create simple short videos using my photos, videos or just words. The best part: It’s EASY. If you can upload a photo, you can make videos using this. I started with the free version then upgraded to get more capability.

Audio and Podcast Creation

I have used this service for years and love it. It makes recording teleseminars, client phone calls, articles, podcasts and audio testimonials super simple and affordable.

How to Get Sponsorships for Your Small Businesses

Get paid for what you already do!

Create Your Signature System

This company helped me to create my own Signature System and can help you, too. Unlock your signature advantage™ and boost your impact, income and influence.

Article Marketing

I’ve used this service to generate publicity for my business through the power of online content management.

Set up Your Business Systems

Find out how to get outrageously effective business systems.