Signature Brand Message™

Imagine Have a Clear Message and Communication Strategy by Next Month.

You have something to say. People to help. A difference to make. The issue is you need to find the right words to say it in a way that only you can.

It’s time to put your message and movement into words so you can stand out and be recognized as the industry leader you are. This program is designed to help you clearly communicate your value and set you apart from others in an authentic and courageous way. It results in your new message and a strategy for getting your message out so you know what to say, how to say it best, and where to say it.

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Own Your Star Power™

Own Your Star PowerOwn Your Star Power is designed to help you uncover all the things that make you distinctive in the marketplace. Once you uncover your personal point of view and dig into the “why” of what you do, you put yourself on the path of reaching your next level of success. This personal branding process will help you to stand out in a way that is feel right and actually excites you to the core. Set yourself up to leverage the real you so you can share more and be more of you in your work and life.

And here’s more great news: We can accomplish this in just a few hours of 1-on-1 time together.

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Raise Your Celebrity Profile™ Success Circle

Raise Your Celebrity ProfileOnce you understand your personal brand and you are ready, I mean really ready, to start putting yourself out there in a bigger way and showcasing your message and point of view, you’re ready for this one-of-a-kind group experience. I designed this program in 2010 and update it every year. It is for thought leaders who are ready to know the ins and outs of the very best ways that even the big gurus use to spread their messages and reach a greater level of authority and respect from clients, partners and sponsors. Creating a “Celebrity Profile” is about getting really good at being radically visible in the right places through authentic self-promotion. This includes training and unique experiences in publicity, media training, video, publishing, public speaking and much more.

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Here are a few thoughts from the first Raise Your Celebrity Profile Success Circle:

Private Coaching

Yes, I offer longer-term coach privately too, but only for a handful of people at a time.  Contact me today to inquire about your needs and my availability for the following options.

  1. Private “Deep Dive” Day with Meredith
  2. 90-Day Coaching and Mentoring
  3. 6-Month Coaching and Mentoring