I work with people to help them get known for what they do and how they do it. A lot of the time, this includes getting media coverage, and specifically morning lifestyle TV shows.

Dr. Barbara McClatchie, DDS prepping with the anchors on Good Day Columbus

Dr. Barbara McClatchie, DDS prepping with the anchors on Good Day Columbus

To borrow a phrase that Oprah made famous, here’s what I know for sure:

What’s even better than seeing my clients have success being booked on TV shows is having a front row seat to watching them grow by facing their fears, going after their dreams and taking steps into their courage zone. Seeing someone being more committed to their audience and their message than they are to their inner critic is incredibly inspirational. Because when I think about it, here’s a take on what most every client has said to me:

“I’ll go on TV when I lose 10 pounds.”
“I have no idea what I’ll say.”
“Is what I have to say really that different or interesting?”
“I’ll flub up my words!”
“What if I look like an idiot?”
“Will they take me seriously?”
“I want to do it but it’s not a good time because (list the excuses here).

Now, not every client has said these things, but many have. It’s incredibly common. So if you’re feeling this way too, you’re in good company. And you can overcome these barriers.

I’m fortunate to get to work with people who are as committed to growing themselves as they are to growing their businesses. The thing that most of my clients have in common is that they are the kind of people who check their ego at the door, start with a beginner’s mindset, and learn to say, “Yes!” to what they want and figure it out along the way.

Bottom line: By pursuing TV appearances, you’ll not only spread your message and have amazing media credits for years to come, you’ll end up with boost in your own confidence and quickly realize you’re growing into a new and bigger you. Not from an egotistical standpoint, but from a place of commitment to yourself, your audience and your work.

And that’s hot and magnetic.


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